Engineering and manufacturing

Thanks to our quality, precision, reliability and flexibility, I.M.S. has become an advanced enterprise. We can design and produce your machine or machine parts. You have one contact person at I.M.S, resulting in brief and clear communication.      Verspanen_Machining_IMS_Verspaning_Nederland_Netherlands_Holten

I.M.S. designs, produces and tests machinery parts based on the needs of the customer. The parts can be made by turning, milling, drilling and tapping. I.M.S. manufactures single components or small series.

There are two possibilities:

1. We produce your design(s)

Production is done in close collaboration with the customer. The client is and remains owner of the drawing(s).

2. I.M.S. designs and manufactures your desired product

In order to achieve the desired result, we design and produce in close cooperation with the customer. In order to find out about the problems and wishes, we start with an intake interview. We think along with the customer and try to come up with specific solutions. When your wishes are clear, Klebo converts your wishes to a suggestion. We do this with use of the program ‘SolidWorks’.

SolidWorks allows us to make 3D-designs. In 3D, designs come to life and you get a better understanding of the product. When you agree with the suggested design, we proceed with creating a detailed design. Which finally results in the actual realization. The client becomes and remains owner of the drawing(s).

During the entire process, you have a single point of contact. In this way, the communication lines remain short and clear. I.M.S. has a basic stock of various materials, to ensure we can respond rapidly to your needs.

I.M.S. is a young, dynamic and innovative company which closely follows new developments. We develop and produce modern, user-friendly and efficient machines. Thereby, we always focus on developing machines in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

Do you have modules or machines to be produced? Please contact us now!



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I.M.S. (International Machining Services) is a service provider in the field of machining. I.M.S. is responsible for producing parts of machines.

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I.T.M.S. (International Turbo Machinery Services) operates in the overhaul and maintenance of turbines and gas or liquid compressors. ITMS helps to keep power plants running.

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Klebo is the expert when it comes to engineering, module construction and process equipment. IMS and ITMS are subsidiaries of Klebo.

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