Machine park

I.M.S. owns an extensive range of modern machinery. Our machine park consists of  CNC lathes, CNC milling and various drilling and sawing banks. All machines are always operated by trained personnel.

Our specialties are:


CNC lathe: YDPM ML60A                              Ø650 x 1150                      2008

CNC lathe: YDPM ML60A

CNC lathe: Cyclon                                          Ø1150 x 3000                    2009

CNC lathe: Hwacheon hi-tech 200B               Ø280 x 350                         2014

CNC lathe: Hwacheon


CNC lathe: Hwacheon hi-tech 550AL             Ø650 x 2000                   2019

 Hwacheon hi-tech 550ALHwacheon hi-tech 550AL

CNC milling: YCM MV 106 A                         (1200x750x750)               2008  

   CNC Milling IMS

CNC milling: YDPM BMV 1220                     (1500 x 640 x 640)            2008

CNC milling: YDPM BMV 1220

Cad cam system : Duoteq Ezcam


Conventional lathe:                                       Ø900 x 2800


1x conventional milling                                 1400x400x500

1x conventional milling                  (end sides max width 300mm)

1x small conventional lathe                         till ø200


Various drilling machines

Flat table with tapping arm machine


Broaching machines (keyway)                     till 32mm


Automatic mitre bandsaw Bomar               290.250.GAE                      till Ø 250mm

IMS 290 250 GAE

Horizontal Bandsaw Bomar                         STG 440 DGH                     till Ø 440mm 

Horizontal Bandsaw Bomar STG 440 DGH

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I.M.S. (International Machining Services) is a service provider in the field of machining. I.M.S. is responsible for producing parts of machines.

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I.T.M.S. (International Turbo Machinery Services) operates in the overhaul and maintenance of turbines and gas or liquid compressors. ITMS helps to keep power plants running.

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Klebo is the expert when it comes to engineering, module construction and process equipment. IMS and ITMS are subsidiaries of Klebo.

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